ARCHYTECT builds workplaces that give people space to engage their creative and productive talents in the right structure, using our unique Timespan of Completion (ToC)™ and Span of Responsibility (SoR)™ methods.

When you need to implement strategy, improve operations and reach new levels of success, before you start construction– ask an ARCHYTECT.

3D implementation engages staff as subject matter experts to diagnose, model and simulate the ideal state, in ways that facilitate change and inspire new levels of performance.



Your Archyology™

  • Formal vs. Informal hierarchies
  • Levels of Work (Low)™ analysis
  • Potential effectiveness assessment


Your Archytecture™

  • Organizational Blueprints
  • Cooperation and workflows
  • Decision levels and hierarchies


Your Archytypes™

  • Role Mandates and Decision Rights
  • Change facilitation and adoption
  • Succession and mentorship

Download a print-friendly overview.

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