Matthew Sardina

Chief Archytect™

Matthew is known for being dedicated to effectiveness. His personal mission is to unlimit possibilities for individuals and organizations, guided by a belief in people and their limitless potential. Matthew brings awareness to what limits growth and provides solutions to align, engage and inspire individuals – turning capability into profitability.

As someone who is relentless for results, his healthy curiosity reveals ‘how things work’ and imagines what else could be achieved. Matthew brings a discovery approach that gets insights, to reveal gaps and make practical recommendations. His learning method blends instructional design with workplace design, recognizing that applied knowledge and skills are what matter for people to be productive. Matthew focuses on where the areas of strategy, structure and staff interact to create possibilities for people and performance. He builds relationships at all levels of the enterprise that enlist support, participation and commitment to outcomes.

“I have personally experienced the contributions Matthew Sardina can make to the development and effectiveness of an organization…”

Purdy Crawford, C.C.

With role models and mentorship from some of Canada’s most accomplished business leaders, Matthew appreciates what it takes to generate prosperity and wealth, including what it means to make a lasting contribution. With a background of consulting and client-side roles in operations, business development, marketing and executive leadership over a 17-year period, Matthew shares his passion for organizational effectiveness through the design of learning and management systems. He is a recipient of three awards from the Canadian Society of Training and Development for instructional design excellence and innumerable accolades from clients.

A record of transformative results in multiple industries affords Matthew’s clients the diverse perspectives and outcomes they seek today. He has worked with national and global organizations representing technology, telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, packaged-goods, pharmaceutical and nonprofit sectors. Some of these accomplishments include: securing an 8-figure competitive bid, millions in cross-functional workflow cost savings, restructuring association member governance, creating a customer-centric sales and marketing collaboration, aligning manager accountability in a billion-dollar business unit, while facilitating several other organizational development initiatives.

He regards his approach as ‘60 years in spirit and 15 years in practice’ by attributing his philosophy to influences and mentorship in the disciplines of behavioural psychology, health science, sociology, leadership, management and media theory.

Being a kid with his kids is Matthew’s great joy – surrendering to the spirit of play, experiment and provocation. On occasion, taking time for solitary reflection on a long quad-punishing bike ride. Led by a studious appetite, Matthew always enjoys discovering the art of food, sharing an artisan coffee or a micro brew beverage with friends and strangers.

He hopes to be considered (and remembered as) a purveyor of happiness.

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