Structure Shapes Behaviour™. It governs performance by defining what gets done and how.

In ancient architecture, the way to strengthen an arch was to add weight. If it wasn’t bearing adequate stress, it deteriorated. In human systems, the way to strengthen performance is to add the weight of responsibility. People seek challenges that match their capabilities. Too ‘light’ and they are not engaged. Too ‘heavy’ and they collapse.

The ARCHYTECT philosophy is motivated by the pursuit of effectiveness. We are inspired by human capability – that everyone’s motivation to be competent and achieve their potential offers limitless possibilities in all areas of business and life. In working with you, we unlimit performance for people and the organization. Our design approach assembles all the elements of effectiveness, not just single solutions for reaching your goals:

Achieve the objective
Adapt to the environment
Align the internal system

In the ARCHYTECT methodology, there are three basic dimensions required for people to be effective. These are: Accountability, Responsibility and Control. This is the proprietary ARCbuilding block that spans all levels of organization. It forges productive relationships between individuals, teams, departments and stakeholders across the entire enterprise. ARC is a foundation for agile and responsive structures.

Over 60 years of management, psychology, sociology, systems design, media theory and practice have informed the unique ARCHYTECT approach.

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