quibber™ User Guide

*** As a participant in this private beta you agree to accept the terms and obligations stated in the Non-Disclosure Agreement www.archytect.org/quibberNDA ***

Did you know that 50% of decisions fail? Conversely, the most successful implementation tactic involves asking for the participation of those who would be affected by the decision.

In this new fangled world of app development, we are at step 1 of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) build, so please keep your standards HIGH and expectations low.


Ever wonder where Twitter started?


Press the quibber app icon on your device:


Sign-up and/or Login:




Make sure you have Notifications setup– it prompts you for New Topics that others involve you in and when Yes or No Decisions are made:


Press the Thumbs Up/Down button (at bottom) and start a new Topic in the Activity screen:


Press the Contacts button and involve others in a Topic, press “+” to add them and ✓ to involve them:



Once you have described your Topic, press the Open Hand button (centre of screen) to open the Topic and “reach out” to others:


To add Comments within a Topic, first choose your position (bottom bar) then type and Send. You can also pull-down to refresh Comments:



To involve more people in a Topic, press “Edit” on the top right, then the Contacts button. Or, you can Delete a Topic from here too by pressing the three dots button at the bottom:



Press and hold the screen (long-press) to get the main navigation buttons:

Thumb Up = Yes Decision
Thumb Down = No Decision
Thumb Left = Maybe (or defer)
Open Hand = Re-open Topic


Convert your Topic into a final Yes or No Decision with a description, then press the Thumb button:


Your Activity screen shows everything you started and what others involved you in. This sorts based on most current activity and you can pull-down to refresh:


That’s it! Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time for help in getting started and using quibber. We need your honest feedback and ideas for how quibber could work for you! An online survey will be sent at a later date.

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