Roman Traska



Roman is a certified workflow professional focused on lean and agile process improvement. He is a go-to expert for manufacturers who seek expertise to plan, improve and implement critical manufacturing capabilities and capital investment projects.

As a training designer and facilitator, Roman delivers interactive learning experiences for operators, engineers and management executives. His approach to workplace design and implementation provides manufacturers of all sizes, across a range of industries with actionable solutions to production challenges.

Roman has completed numerous upgrades, new-builds and optimization projects over a 15-year period that have measurably increased productivity, throughput and profitability. His projects span the range of milling and baking to packaging and automotive. Roman has worked with multinational organizations to reset plant layouts, improve process flows, manage projects, implement lean methodology and staff training, Six Sigma and develop innovative new processes. Additionally, he provides satisfaction surveys and qualitative market research with customers and stakeholders.

Roman offers clients a range of up-and-downstream services that include cost modeling, CAD facility designs, process mapping, troubleshooting analytics and energy reduction assessments.

In his own time, Roman enjoys keeping his two boys active in local sports and sharing a well-aged glass of Burgundy with his wife. You can also find him marrying old and new technology out by the shed, bringing neglected mechanical devices back to life again.

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