ARCHYTECT designs workplaces that give people space to engage their creative and productive talents in the right structure, using our proprietary Timespan of Completion (ToC)™, Levels of Work (LoW)™ and Scale of Pay (SoP)™ principles.

When you need to implement strategy, improve productivity and reach new levels of success, before you start building– ask an ARCHYTECT.

You can choose do it yourself, hire industry ‘experts’ or take this facilitated approach where your staff are treated as the Subject Matter Experts. Our 3D implementation engages staff as SMEs to diagnose, model and simulate the ideal state, in ways that facilitate full change adoption and generate new levels of performance.

①  DISCOVER  ②  


Your Archyology™

  • Custom Analytics, Diagnosis and Workplace Insights

Your Archytecture™

  • Accountability Structures, Job Designs and Management Systems

Your Archytypes™

  • Collaboration, Workflows and Workspaces

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